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Attention! Characters Needed!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 28, 2013, 9:00 PM

Alright you guys, so I've had this idea for a new story in my head for a very long time now. And it wasn't until just recently that I decided to go on ahead and go through with it.

So, here's the deal. I want to write a story based off of the SEGA video game Sonic Riders. It's a pretty good game with a really great outline to it. So, if you aren't familiar with it, just go to Google and look it up. I should also recommend you reading about the second version to the game, Sonic Riders : Zero Gravity. Now that was a pretty epic game right there. :D

Anyway, in order to make this story more realistic, I'm going to be needing a lot of characters. The reason? Well, that's pretty self-explanatory. I mean, what's a race without any racers? Am I right?

So, if you guys are interested, then link me to one, maybe two, of your characters that you think may fit in the story. And hey! Don't hesitate to spread the word and let people know that I'm searching for more characters. Also, I'm not looking for any shy, timid characters either. I need bold, confident, and downright hardcore. This story will be based upon which racers think they are the fastest.

If you're interested in submitting a character, then please fill out this Reference sheet so that I'll have a good view on what they're like. I know it's long, but I'm a very detailed person. So, work with me here. ^^;

Character Reference Sheet

:bulletblue: Basic Information :bulletblue:


Birth Date:
Zodiac Sign:


:bulletblue: Physical Appearance :bulletblue:

Eye Color(s):
Hair Color(s):
Fur Color(s):

Body Build/Shape:

Attire/Clothing Style: (If you can't come up with a solid outfit, then just give me a brief description of their clothing style. Whether it be Punk, Goth, Vintage, etc.)

:bulletblue: Personal Information & Relationships :bulletblue:



Family: (You may want to have them cheering on your character during the race or something. I dunno. Just a suggestion._.)

:bulletblue: Equipment & Powers :bulletblue:

Ability Type: (Flight/Power/Speed/Etc.)
Attack(s): (What does s/he do to throw his/her opponent off guard during the race? Those who have played the game should have a pretty good idea on how this works.)
Power(s): (Don't give me some character who has 5+ abilities. That's really annoying.)

Extreme Gear Name:
Extreme Gear: (Hover: Bike/board/skate/yacht/etc. Look them up if you don't know.)

If there's anything extra that you'd like for me to know, then please feel free to make a Trivia list. I'd love to know more. :D Also, a clear full-bodied picture would be helpful as well. So, please feel free to drop that in the comments along with your reference sheet.

Thanks so much for all your help!~

P.S.: I friggin LOVE this new journal skin. :D


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  • Listening to: Sonic Riders Soundtracks
  • Watching: Kung Fu Panda


"Fuck you lookin at?"

Basic Information
Name: Raúl Zechariah Ringtail
Name Meaning(s): Wise Wolf
Name Origin: Persian
Nickname(s): Asshole, Beaner, Ray, RayRay, Ringtail
Title (Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Etc.): None
Age: 21
Birth Date: November 19, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Male
Nationality/Race: American/Mixed
Species: Raccoon
Dominate Hand: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Straight
Health | Physical Appearance
Face Type: Heart
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color(s): Black/Orange
Hair Length: Neck-length
Hair Style: Ray's hair is parted near the right side of his head, allowing his bangs to sweep over his face. The back of his hair is layered all the way down to the base of his neck.
Hair Type: 3B - Curly Spirally
Fur Color(s): Black/Orange/White
Fur Design(s): Ray possesses the typical raccoon fur markings which features black rings circling both his eyes and tail.
Nose Color: Black
Nose Shape: Oval
Body Build/Type: Mesomorph
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 140 Lbs
Birthmark(s): None
Distinguishing Feature(s): None
Piercing(s): 4
Scar(s): 4
Tattoo(s): 2
Accent/Dialect: Ray has an American accent. However, when talking at a fast paste, his natural Spanish accent can be heard.
Accessories: Ray wears a small cross necklace with the initials "R.R.R" engraved on the inside of it. These initials stand for, Raven and Ray Ringtail.
Clothing Style: Casual/Grunge
Make-up: None
Equipment: None
Trinket(s): None
Wardrobe: Ray's wardrobe consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim jeans, combat boots, Timberland boots, and other sneakers. He is also a fan of sweatpants and slide-on shoes.
Addiction(s): None
Allergies: Yes, Ray is allergic to butterflies.
Medication(s): None
Disease/Disorder(s): Ray has Asthma.
Handicap(s): None
Drinking: Yes
Drugs: Yes


Overall Style: Ray is probably one of the most complicated persons you would ever meet. He is literally a threat to most people in his area, and doesn't give a rip about who's staring, or talking behind his back. He is also a huge troublemaker, often getting involved with the law, resulting in him being questioned by the police and taken into custody. He is currently on parole. However, aside from his criminality, Ray is a rather wise young man. He looks at certain situations far more differently than others, and tends to present his point of view to those who he feels are misunderstanding, which usually results in them paying their high respects to his intelligent judgement. He is also very overprotective of those closest to him, and can be quite territorial.
Likes/Favorites: Basketball, Dogs, Fireworks, Minty Foods, Music, Shy Girls, Smoking, Sweet Tea, the Military, Weapons
Dislikes/Hates: Apple Juice, Asthma, Chihuahuas, Claw Machines, Losing, Mixing Paints, Questions, Rapists, Society, Soup
Hobbies: Basketball, Graffiti, Painting, Playing Pool, Tattooing
Habit(s): Ray can barely speak without using some form of profanity.
Philia(s): Rhymes
Phobia(s): Drowning
Quirk(s): Ray has a tendency to switch between different accents.
Talent(s): Although Ray did not finish high school, he has a knack for figuring out almost any math problem.
Best Trait: Loyal
Worst Trait: Reckless
Pet Peeve(s): Ray hates perverted people.
Current Lifestyle | Education | Occupation
Current Residence: San Francisco, California
Economic Class: Middle-class
Home: Ray lives in a small apartment with two other roommates.
Living Arrangements: Ray's apartment mostly consists of posters of different bands and rappers, old run-down furniture, and bongs found on every table. His roommate also a rather messy person, and doesn't exactly clean up after himself. Therefore, the place is usually dirty.
Average Grade(s): B's & C's
Education: Ray received all education up until the 10th grade. He dropped out shortly after a few weeks into his 11th grade year.
Social Stereotype: None
Study Habit(s): None
Extracurricular Activities: None

Association(s): None
Boss: None
Experience: None
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Rank: None
Transportation: Ray gets around by car, and sometimes just by walking.

Background | Family | Other Relationships
Birth Place: San Diego, California
Citizenship: American
Religion: Unknown. Rumor has it that Ray is an Atheist, though he wears a cross necklace.
Tradition(s): None
Father: Ricardo Valentine
Relationship: Distant
Mother: Anna Ringtail
Relationship: Distant
Sibling(s): Raven Ringtail (Younger Twin Sister)
Relationship(s): Deceased
Martial Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Family: Ray has a wide number of half brothers and sisters, but he is currently unaware of them.
Best Friend(s): Rein Tempest
Worst Enemy(s): Ray is hated by a wide variety of gangs found in his area.
Other Friends: None
Pet(s): Azriel (German Shepard; Male)
Background: Coming soon...
Supernatural Powers | Abilities

Element: Fire
Power(s): Ray is highly capable of manipulating fire, or anything relevant to that substance such as lightning and magma.
Source of Power: The sun.
Origin of Power: Ray inherited his power from his mother.

Restriction(s): None
Strength(s): Sunlight
Weakness(s): Water. Ray's flames are extremely sensitive to colder areas. As a result, his ability to produce fire may weaken. Sickness may also cause a disruption in his fire-bending.
Futility(s): Water
Immunity(s): Ray is immune to anything in relation to fire.
Alternate Form(s): None

Abilities/Skills: Ray is able to list and name any military weapon's quality. He is also pretty handy with quite a few of them.
Fighting Style(s): Like most fire-benders, Ray's style of fighting centers around the Chinese Martial Art, Northern Shaolin, an aggressive technique consisting of sharp movements and direct blows to the body. He also uses his street fighting skills as a quick way to intimidate others.
Physical Disabilities: None
Reference Sheet: Ray Ringtail
So, I was originally going to wait and upload this a little later, but when I went through it, I decided to make a few changes and finish putting in any more information that I felt was necessary to know.

This is Raúl "Ray" Ringtail. Not very many people know him by his actual name, hence why I used his nickname throughout his profile. He is my fourth OC created after Janet. He use to be your typical badass, but I decided to make him a little more sophisticated and understanding. He and Rein share a brother/sister relationship. I know I did not mention that in their profiles, but before anyone assumes they have a love relationship going on, they don't. Rein reminds him of his dead sister, Raven, therefore he finds it necessary to protect and watch over her since he was unable to do so for his sister. :meow:

Ray Ringtail (c) SilentScorpian


Basic Information
Name: Janet Shizuka Phantom
Name Meaning(s): God is Gracious
Name Origin: Hebrew
Nickname(s): Jay, J.P., Phantom
Title (Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Etc.): None
Age: 19
Birth Date: October 24, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Nationality/Race: Unknown
Species: Tiger
Dominate Hand: Right
Sexuality: Straight
Health | Physical Appearance
Face Type: Round
Eye Color: Cyan/Turquoise
Hair Color(s): Jet Black
Hair Length: Janet's hair reaches to about her ankles when straightened.
Hair Style: Janet's hair is pulled back into one long fishtail braid, leaving her bangs swept perfectly across her forehead.
Hair Type: 3B - Curly Spirally
Fur Color(s): Beige
Fur Design(s): Like most tigers, Janet sports the typical black stripes along her face, limbs, and torso areas. Her tail is also ringed with black fur.
Nose Color: Pink
Nose Shape: Up-sided Triangle
Body Build/Type: Mesomorph
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 105 Lbs
Birthmark(s): None
Distinguishing Feature(s): There is a thin black line circling Janet's pupils.
Piercing(s): 6
Scar(s): None
Tattoo(s): None

Accent/Dialect: Janet has a very heavy accent, though it is unknown exactly where it came from.

Accessories: None
Clothing Style: Grunge/Vintage
Make-up: None
Equipment: None
Trinket(s): None
Wardrobe: Janet's wardrobe consists of a variety of both Grunge and Vintage style clothing. She is a huge fan of combat boots, sweaters, and prefers to wear dark loose-fitted clothing as well as lots of jewelry and other accessories.
Addiction(s): None
Allergies: None
Medication(s): None
Disease/Disorder(s): Anxiety
Handicap(s): None
Drinking: Yes
Drugs: None

Overall Style: Like most teenagers, Janet is usually tired by the end of the day, wanting nothing more but to sleep. She is easy-going, but often gets aggravated quite quickly, even at the smallest of things. She is assertive, individualistic, and extremely reliable, resulting in her tendency to give off a "big sister" vibe to those younger than her.

Likes/Favorites: Aztec Print, Chinese food, Ginger Ale, Horror, Jewelry, Mornings, Music, New Car Smells, Organization, Taking Pictures
Dislikes/Hates: Arrogance, Dolls/Puppets, Hypocrites, Losing Sleep, Math, Perverted Minds, Selfishness, Soda, Studying, Sweets
Hobbies: Meditating, Organizing, Photography, Sketching, Swimming
Habit(s): Janet has a habit for playing with her hair when nervous.
Philia(s): Flying
Phobia(s): Spiders
Quirk(s): Janet always sleeps on her side or stomach, but never on her back.
Talent(s): Janet can speak in multiple accents.
Best Trait: Perceptive
Worst Trait: Introvert
Pet Peeve(s): Janet can not stand the sounds of styrofoam rubbing together.
Current Lifestyle | Education | Occupation
Current Residence: Osaka, Japan
Economic Class: Middle-class
Home: Janet lives in a small apartment by herself.
Living Arrangements: Janet's apartment consists of basic furniture, some Japanese antiques, and other small decorative items.
Average Grade(s): A's
Education: Janet has received all necessary education up to her Freshman year of college. She is now a Sophomore in college.
Social Stereotype: None
Study Habit(s): Janet prefers to study alone while listening to music.
Extracurricular Activities: Janet participated in activities such as the French and Spanish Clubs. She was also a member of the Swim team.

Association(s): None
Boss: None
Experience: None
Occupation: Waitress
Rank: None
Transportation: Janet gets around by bus or by foot.
Background | Family | Other Relationships

Birth Place: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Religion: Unknown
Tradition(s): Following in the footsteps of her mother's side of the family, Janet refuses to cut her hair in order to keep it's tradition from breaking.
Father: Unknown
Relationship: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Relationship: Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Relationship(s): Unknown
Martial Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Family: None
Best Friend(s): Silver the Hedgehog
Worst Enemy(s): None
Other Friends: None
Pet(s): Exodus (Red Panda; Male)
Background: Unknown
Supernatural Powers | Abilities

Element: Energy
Power(s): Telekinesis
Source of Power: The brain.
Origin of Power: The brain.

Restriction(s): None
Strength(s): The brain.
Weakness(s): Any type of head injury or trauma may interfere with Janet's powers.
Futility(s): Janet's powers may be opposed by any magic-based matters/energies.
Immunity(s): None
Alternate Form(s): None

Abilities/Skills: Janet is rather skilled in had-to-hand combat.
Fighting Style(s): None
Physical Disabilities: None
Reference Sheet: Janet Phantom
Finally! Janet Phantom is done!

I'm back guys ^^; though I make no promises that I will stay here for long. You have absolutely no idea how busy  I have been what with school, swimming, and just going about my senior year in high school. It is truly a struggle, but I am enjoying it. :)

So here we have my third OC, Janet Phantom. :love: She is the odd one out of the group. Not much is known about her simply because she doesn't like sharing anything personal about herself. Don't worry though. All will be revealed in due time.

Note: I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted Janet Phantom to be my main OC, or Rein Tempest because Rein was my very first official OC and she was supposed to be my splitting image as far as personality, style, dislikes, and likes go. However, I created Janet a couple years later to be my new OC. So, I just went with the idea of not having a main OC. I gave both Janet and Rein traits of my own so that they both could represent me. Janet represents more of my dark side, whereas Rein, my light. However both are good people. ^^

Janet Phantom (c) SilentScorpian

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